Marigold Culvert

Reunion Parade Culvert Earthworks Complete!

The Marigold Construction Team are pleased to announce that earthworks on the culvert are complete!
Marigold’s Linear Creek is already an eye-catching feature of the community as you make your way along Padma Boulevard and see the scale and hive of activity along the reserve area and will soon be a showstopping feature of the community.

This milestone progresses the culvert to the next phase of above ground construction works.

Following the completion of the body of culvert works below, the gas and water services, including the watermain are installed alongside the road network above.  The installation of the water main involves the construction of underground pipes and associated infrastructure that will enable the water to flow and drain correctly through this portion of the community.

The construction team will also complete the electrical services installation along the road network and install the streetlamps for that section of road.

Once all the services are laid alongside the road network, the whole area is filled in and compacted in preparation for the road layers.

View of future waterway from culvert
View of future waterway from culvert (2)
Construction of road above culvert

Each stretch of road is made up of multiple layers, compiling of multiple layers of various gravel, kerbs are added at the correct road height and then finally asphalt, which can be seen on the finished surface. Lastly, the road on top of the culvert is completed to connect the road network between stages 7 & 11 within the community. This also includes pavement construction which you can spy is currently being worked on throughout stages 7 and 11.

The culvert is a significant undertaking of a key amenity within the community. Once completed, the culvert will be managed by Melbourne Water and as such, has required careful planning and work completed alongside the authority. The final phase of this contract is acquiring their sign off for the work completed.

Once the authority approval is achieved, the construction team will commission landscaping works on the area to commence along Linear Creek and the connecting wetlands, finally bringing this impressive feature to reality.

Work on the culvert is anticipated for completion in line with the delivery of Stages 11 & Stage 7 due later this year.

Stay tuned for future construction updates coming soon!

Caring for Your Nature Strip!

The nature strip or ‘verge’ is the public space between your property and the road curb. It’s a zone that contains various utilities such as telecommunications, gas, water, and power services, as well as street lighting. Usually featuring grass and a tree, it serves several important purposes:

  • Providing a level area for waste and recycling bins.
  • Ensuring safe access for pedestrians, strollers, and wheelchairs between the road and footpath.
  • Enhancing visibility for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, particularly at intersections, curves, and driveways.
  • Allowing easy access for service providers to perform maintenance or repairs.
  • Creating room for tree planting, contributing to the neighbourhood’s greenery.

While the nature strips throughout the Marigold neighbourhood are the property of Wyndham City Council, the maintenance and regular upkeep are the responsibility of the landowner whose property is parallel to each nature strip section.

Basic Maintenance

Regular upkeep of your nature strip goes a long way in enhancing the overall ambiance of our community. Taking care of it involves simple tasks like regular mowing, weeding, and picking up litter. By keeping it clean and tidy, it creates a welcoming environment within our community for everyone.

Benefits of a Well-Maintained Nature Strip

Apart from the visual appeal, a well-kept nature strip brings various advantages:

  • It aids in rainwater absorption and minimises stormwater runoff,
  • Increase the aesthetics of the neighbourhood,
  • Softens the impact of the hard surfaces, the roads, and pavements.
  • Boosts your property’s value and overall well-being.

Street Trees
Another common feature of most nature strips are street trees. Street trees add to the natural aesthetics of our community as well as having practical benefits including providing shade, contributing to CO2 absorption within the environment and cooling down the neighbourhood.

You can help care for your street tree by following the below;

  • Watering it regularly – particularly in the drier months.
  •  Keeping the base weed free and mulched but remembering to keep mulch away from the tree trunks

Remember, the street tree is also the property of Wyndham City Council and cannot be removed without prior approval being granted. It is your responsibility to care for the street tree like it is your own and you may be held accountable for any damage that occurs to tree within your boundary.

Landscaping Ideas
Most nature strips comprise of grass and a street tree, however, they are not the only accepted treatments and you do have some liberties to beautify your patch.
Transforming your nature strip into a charming corner can be a rewarding project. Consider options like using gravel, mulch, and approved plants to give it a unique touch. However, please remember that your design should still accommodate essential functionality such as pedestrian pathways, postal services, vehicular movement, parking, and waste collection.

Landscape Permit Application
Should you decide to take your nature strip to the next level with landscaping, you’ll need to secure a permit. Adhering to the Beautification of Nature Strips Policy is crucial in ensuring your project aligns with community guidelines, which can be found here.

For further guidance on obtaining a permit for your nature strip, you can contact Wyndham City Council on 1300 023 411.

Our Marigold Sales team are always here to help! If you have any queries about anything mentioned above, please feel free to reach out via either of the methods below and let’s work together to create a beautiful and inviting community through our nature strip care efforts!

Phone: 1300 888 181


Drop in and say hello! Sales Office Open Saturday to Wednesday 11am to 5pm

Marigold’s $25,000 Energy Rebate Promotion

Marigold’s Energy Rebate Promotion is BACK with DOUBLE the value! Take advantage of our $25,000 bonus and secure your lot in the Marigold community today!

What is the Marigold Energy Promotion?
The Marigold Energy Promotion has been created to take the pressure off new purchasers amid the current cost of living crisis.
Growland understands that purchasing your first home or a new home for your growing family is part of the great Australian dream and we wish to help you achieve that dream by taking care of some of the rising energy costs currently facing all Australians.
The Energy Promotion presents new purchasers two ways that they can save money on their rising energy bills.

You can select one of the following options:

One year of Energy on us
Growland will give you $25,000 AUD to put towards the cost of powering your home.

Save continually with Solar
Growland will give you $25,000 AUD towards the cost of installing solar panels or a solar battery on your new home so you can continue to save money on your energy bills month after month and year after year.

How do I apply?

  1. Contact a member of our team today!
  2. Sign a qualifying land contract of sale within the promotion period

Get in Contact
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Terms & Conditions
This offer is available to new purchasers ONLY who purchase a selected lot within the promotion period and meet all other qualifying criteria.
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Dreaming of owning your own home?
First Home Buyers, we hear you!

We understand that the ‘Great Australian Dream’ might feel a little out of reach at the moment. With rising interest rates, shrinking serviceability, and affordability real issues for young Australians hoping to get their foot in the property market door. That’s why, Growland would like to help you get started on your home owning journey free from the burden of a large deposit!

We understand that saving a large deposit is one of the biggest barriers to buying your first home. We have designed this promotion with first home buyers in mind, helping reduce that entry barrier, allowing young Australians to purchase their new block and lock in land and rising building costs at today’s prices.

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Growland are also offering a delayed Settlement option with all settlements due on new purchasers by 01st March 2024!

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Please note, buyers who purchase within Stages 7, 8, 11 & 12 of the community are required to pay the balance of their 5% deposit by December 01st 2023.  FIRB Purchasers are required to pay the balance of their 10% deposit by 01st November 2023.
This promotion is currently available to the first 10 purchasers only.

View Guidelines & Terms & Conditions.


Are Townhouses a good investment for a First Home Buyer?

Purchasing your first home is an exciting milestone, but it can also be hard to not feel overwhelmed at times by the many points to consider. With countless options available, it’s crucial to find a property that suits your needs, budget, and future aspirations. Look no further than Marigold’s Tennyson Townhouses collection, a new affordable townhome offering a design specifically with first home buyers in mind.
Let’s explore the key features of these townhouses and why we think they are an excellent choice for those embarking on their homeownership journey!

Buying your first home: Are Townhouses a good investment?
One of the most significant advantages of the Marigold Tarneit Townhouses is their affordability and value. Starting from a low $459,500, this is an attractive price, allowing you to select a versatile home that aligns with your financial goals. As a first home buyer, it’s important to find a property that fits within your budget without compromising on quality. With competitive pricing and a focus on value, the Tennyson Townhouses ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

The Tennyson Townhouses Collection at Marigold Tarneit boast a modern and functional design, catering to the needs and preferences of contemporary living. The thoughtful layout maximizes space utilisation, providing comfortable living areas for you and your family. These two bedroom townhomes include stylish bathrooms, spacious open-plan living and a designated home office space away from the central living area. Each aspect of these affordable townhouses has been carefully crafted to ensure both aesthetics and functionality for the owner.

Similarly, to all homes within Marigold Tarneit, the community is extremely well positioned in a prime location, offering convenience and easy access to essential amenities for all residents. With ideal proximity to schools, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces, residents can enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. Additionally, the community is well-connected to major transport routes, and Tarneit Train Station can be reached within minutes, making commuting to work, or exploring nearby attractions a breeze.

For first home buyers, community living can play a significant role in fostering a sense of belonging and support. Growland understands this need and has curated a vibrant community atmosphere within the development. The townhouses are designed to encourage interaction and social engagement, with communal spaces, parks, and playgrounds available for residents to enjoy. This aspect adds value beyond the individual homes, providing opportunities to forge connections and create lasting memories with neighbours.

When investing in your first home, it’s crucial to choose a builder with a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. DBN Homes are industry leaders in full-turnkey home solutions, creating a high-quality product without the compromise. By selecting a townhouse from this collection, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a home built to the highest standards, with quality materials and finishes that will stand the test of time.

Selecting a full-turnkey package takes the stress out of building your first home, with all fixtures, landscaping, plus a letter box and a washing line all installed for you and included in the original price. This more transparent and complete figure, also assist those who are working within a tight budget, preventing any unwanted ‘blow-outs’ or surprise costs.

Don’t forget, as a First Home Buyer, you may also be eligible for selective government grants and incentives, like the First Home Buyers Grant that help to reduce the financial burden of purchasing a property. It’s important to note that eligibility criteria and availability may vary, so it’s advisable to consult with a financial expert or broker and visit the State Revenue Office of Victoria website to explore the options available to you.

For an overview of the current incentives available to First Home Buyers, you can visit our Everything to consider as a First Home Buyer blog post.

Buying your first home is an important decision, and the Tennyson Townhouses Collection at Marigold Tarneit offers an exceptional opportunity for first home buyers. With affordability, modern designs, convenient location, all within a thriving established community, these townhouses provide an ideal foundation for your homeownership journey. As you embark on this exciting chapter, consider exploring the Tennyson Townhouses Collection at Marigold Tarneit and discover a place you can truly call home.

If you would like to find out more about the Tennyson Townhome Collection, you can view the range here or contact a member of our friendly sales team for more information via one of the methods below:

Phone: 0421 096 981



Marigold welcomes Metronest Homes to the Display Village in Tarneit.

Marigold is excited to welcome the first of two Metronest homes to our Display Village in Tarneit.

The Wedgebill is a 26 square, four bedroom design that has everything you need for relaxed everyday living.
As you enter the home, you will be impressed with a spacious living room to the left. The wide entry takes you to the spacious master bedroom with a walk-in robe and an ensuite.

The expansive open plan kitchen with a large walk-in pantry, meals and family area looks magnificent and is further enhanced by a raked ceiling. The main family living area opens on to the outdoor living, for effortless year-round entertaining.

Be inspired by this design, that encapsulates and caters for modern family living with seamless flow. The Musk Duck facade creates a dramatic, show-stopping street presence. The skillion roof-lined facade perfectly captures that edgy look, while still allowing the different textures to shine.

At Metronest Homes, they know that the best home builders are those who respect the style and taste of their customers. They positively encourage all clients to put their very own stamp on their homes, to create a haven that perfectly reflects your lifestyle, aspirations and personality.

View Floorplan

Want to know more about the Wedgebill? Contact Sunil from Metronest Homes on the details below.

Phone: 0478 646 114


Start your new home journey and visit the Marigold Display Village This Weekend to view the new Metronest Home for the very latest in new home inspiration.

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If you have a friend or family member already living in the Marigold community, it is time to hit them up!

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Construction continuing on Marigold’s Stage 10 Park!

Construction of Marigold’s Stage 10 Park in Tarneit commenced late last year before the Christmas break. The construction site is now a hive of activity as the construction team work hard to deliver the second local neighbourhood park for the community in Tarneit.

The construction team began with earthworks to shape the land to the desired levels and prepare the area for the next stages of construction. Since continuing work at the start of this year, drainage has also been completed and the park has really begun to take shape with the different sections of the park now evident, the concrete for the shared paths complete, and the first signs of equipment installed.

Stage 10 Park site secured with Earthworks underway in December 2022.

This next phase of construction is an exciting one with the team installing all of the play equipment for the park, completing the paving and edging around the path network and continuing to install the feature boulders, timber bench seating and will connect and install the water drinking fountain.

Park bench seating and equipment being installed in Frog Way Park.

If you’d like a recap on what play equipment will be included in Frog Way Park, you can visit our previous news post here.

The final phase of construction will include the landscaping works and the installation of the rubber soft-fall surface around the play equipment with works anticipated for completion mid-year. The park will open some time after that once official approvals have been received from council.   

We look forward to delivering this new park to the Marigold community that will provide a space for relaxation and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all residents. Marigold residents can expect to reap the rewards of being surrounded by ample green space, look forward to spending many hours outdoors and feel the benefits of an enhanced connection to nature. This is a space that all Marigold residents will be able to enjoy passively or actively.

Stay tuned for more construction updates coming soon!


Derrimut Road Entry Feature Complete

Work has recently been completed on the entry feature for the secondary entrance to the Marigold community off Derrimut Road in Tarneit.

Constructed in the same style and design as the original entry feature, on the corner of Doherty’s Road and Padma Boulevard (at the entrance to the Marigold Display Village) the new entry feature ensures consistency and a cohesive feel throughout the community by continuing the curvilinear stonework.

Construction of the entry feature has included building the stone walls by laying the individually shaped rounded boulders to the varying heights of the sloped wall. The wall is then levelled out and smoothed on top to create a nice finish, whilst simultaneously a signage writer has been commissioned to create the signage panels that make up the Marigold logo.

Stone wall complete awaiting Marigold lettering

Lastly, the entry feature is not complete without the landscaping work completed on the surrounding area with planting and laying grass.

Currently temporary fencing surrounds the new entry feature whilst the landscaping works continue.

Stay tuned for more construction updates coming soon!

To keep up to date with the very latest construction and community news, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and look out for the monthly construction portal update post that will allow you to monitor your stages’ construction progression.

End of Year Construction Wrap Up

2022 has been another big year at Marigold!

Marigold opened its first of two local parks, Gathering Grove Park, located on the corner of Cherish Drive and Rejoice Street in Tarneit earlier this year.  The park which will be the largest in the community boasts vibrant colours and feature play equipment that are easily identified on the approach to the park, creating a point of reference amongst the community. Construction has recently commenced on the Stage 10 Park, Frog Way Park, which is anticipated to be completed in July next year. You can read our news post on construction being underway on the new park here.

After two years in lockdown, we were finally able to celebrate the opening of our Display Village and officially welcome our Display Village builder partners to the community. Displaying 14 homes by 8 reputable builders, the Marigold Display Village brings together the very latest in modern design, family oriented and connected living, with a range of designs and layouts to suit all budgets and lifestyles. The Marigold Display Village is the place to visit to find the perfect House & Land package within our community. If you’re looking to be inspired before locking in your builder, you can view online here or visit in person Saturday to Wednesday.

Civil construction on the entry wetlands and skeleton creek, located near Stage 9 begun this year and we are happy to update that construction is now complete and we’ll begin the final phases of landscaping and planting in the coming months. You can read our Wetland Construction Update news post here.

Earthworks underway on the Wetlands

Read on below for a stage-by-stage progress report on the works occurring in your community.

Stage 10

Stage 10 will be the next Stage in the Marigold community to welcome new residents who can begin settling and construction of their own homes in the new year.

Stage 10 is currently in the Practical Completion phase and is aiming for Statement of compliance to be awarded before the year is out. Stage 10 Titles will register in the new year!

We look forward to welcoming our Stage 10 residents to the community.

Corner of Ulmus Street & Stean Lane in Stage 10 awaiting Statement of Compliance.

Stage 6

Construction is progressing well in Stage 6, which will be our next Stage to title after Stage 10.

The sewer and drainage works have now been completed and Kerb works are continuing. The road network has now been outlined throughout the stage and the construction team will continue to prepare the ground and start to construct the lower layers of the road pavement. Each stretch of road is made up of multiple layers, compiling of several layers of various gravel types, kerbs are added at the correct road height and then finally asphalt, which can be seen on the finished surface. From here, the construction team will install water and gas mains for ease of access for authorities to manage these services in the future. Once complete, attention moves to the physical construction of the kerb and channel (or gutter system). This is a barrier between the road pavement and the nature strip which is designed to provide road drainage and prevent water entering under the road surface. Construction on Stage 6 is anticipated for completion late Quarter 1 and we will then proceed with seeking approvals from all relevant authorities before lodging at the titles office.

Road layers going down in Stage 6

Stage 11

Sewer works have recently been completed in Stage 11 and drainage works are now underway. The drainage works will involve the construction of all stormwater pipes and pits throughout the stage. This will allow the safe draining of all stormwater away from all house lots preventing flooding. This stage will also involve work continuing along Skeleton Creek and the surrounding reserve. The Stage 11 scope will also deliver a culvert (bridge) that connects the Eastern part of the community to the Western Part across the waterway. The culvert will allow the water to continue to flow underneath whilst traffic crosses above on a regular looking road.

Concrete blocks on site ahead of work to begin on the culvert.

Stages 7, 8 & 12

The bulk earthworks are now complete throughout Stages 7, 8 & 12. Sewer works are underway in Stage 7 and will commence in Stage 12 before the year is out. Sewer works for Stage 8 have been scheduled to commence in early-2023.

The sewer works will involve the construction of all trunk and reticulation sewers to provide sanitation services to each house lot and connect these services to previously laid services throughout the community and to the wider approved sewer network.

We are looking forward to focusing on the delivery of these stages throughout 2023 and welcoming new residents to the Marigold community. The final stages of the Marigold community will go on sale next year. Stay tuned for your final opportunity to join the community!

The Marigold Construction Team will be taking a well-earned break over the holiday season and will be back on-site continuing work on your community mid-January. 

Stay tuned for more updates in the new year and don’t forget to check out our other construction updates on Marigold’s new park and ongoing construction on the wetlands! 

To keep up-to-date with the very latest construction and community news, be sure to like us on Facebookfollow us on Instagram and look out for the monthly construction portal update post that will allow you to monitor your stages’ construction progression.