Constructing your shared fence

Separating two pieces of land, a dividing or boundary fence is the joint property between the landowner and neighbour. The cost of building and repairing is shared equally between both parties.

If you are ready to construct your boundary fencing, you will need to get in contact with your neighbours (left, right and rear) before enlisting any contractors. Both neighbours who share the common boundary will need to agree to the costs to construct the new fence before any work is commenced.

To find out the contact details of your neighbours,  so you can begin discussions surrounding boundary fencing, please get in contact with the Wyndham council by following the directions at the link provided here.

Constructing a shared fence follows this general process:

1. Contact you local council (Wyndham – see link above) for your neighbours contact details

2. Obtain 3 quotes from separate contractors

3. Speak to your neighbour about the obtained quotes and allow your neighbour to source 3 of their own

If your neighbouring block is unsold and is still listed as the property of Growland, we recommend following these steps:

– Obtain 3 separate quotes

– Choose the best of 3

– Keep all 3 original quotes to present to your new neighbour when they eventually move in

– Present 3 quotes and their share of the invoice from your chosen contractor to your neighbour 

If you have any questions about the type of fencing or restrictions on the type of fencing allowed within the community, please refer to
the Design Guidelines here.

Please note: Growland is unable to provide any details to purchasers of adjoining lot owners.

If you would like more information on fencing law in Victoria, you can find that here.

Construction continuing on Marigold’s Stage 10 Park!

Construction of Marigold’s Stage 10 Park in Tarneit commenced late last year before the Christmas break. The construction site is now a hive of activity as the construction team work hard to deliver the second local neighbourhood park for the community in Tarneit.

The construction team began with earthworks to shape the land to the desired levels and prepare the area for the next stages of construction. Since continuing work at the start of this year, drainage has also been completed and the park has really begun to take shape with the different sections of the park now evident, the concrete for the shared paths complete, and the first signs of equipment installed.

Stage 10 Park site secured with Earthworks underway in December 2022.

This next phase of construction is an exciting one with the team installing all of the play equipment for the park, completing the paving and edging around the path network and continuing to install the feature boulders, timber bench seating and will connect and install the water drinking fountain.

Park bench seating and equipment being installed in Frog Way Park.

If you’d like a recap on what play equipment will be included in Frog Way Park, you can visit our previous news post here.

The final phase of construction will include the landscaping works and the installation of the rubber soft-fall surface around the play equipment with works anticipated for completion mid-year. The park will open some time after that once official approvals have been received from council.   

We look forward to delivering this new park to the Marigold community that will provide a space for relaxation and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all residents. Marigold residents can expect to reap the rewards of being surrounded by ample green space, look forward to spending many hours outdoors and feel the benefits of an enhanced connection to nature. This is a space that all Marigold residents will be able to enjoy passively or actively.

Stay tuned for more construction updates coming soon!


Derrimut Road Entry Feature Complete

Work has recently been completed on the entry feature for the secondary entrance to the Marigold community off Derrimut Road in Tarneit.

Constructed in the same style and design as the original entry feature, on the corner of Doherty’s Road and Padma Boulevard (at the entrance to the Marigold Display Village) the new entry feature ensures consistency and a cohesive feel throughout the community by continuing the curvilinear stonework.

Construction of the entry feature has included building the stone walls by laying the individually shaped rounded boulders to the varying heights of the sloped wall. The wall is then levelled out and smoothed on top to create a nice finish, whilst simultaneously a signage writer has been commissioned to create the signage panels that make up the Marigold logo.

Stone wall complete awaiting Marigold lettering

Lastly, the entry feature is not complete without the landscaping work completed on the surrounding area with planting and laying grass.

Currently temporary fencing surrounds the new entry feature whilst the landscaping works continue.

Stay tuned for more construction updates coming soon!

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