Buy land in Tarneit and decide when you settle! 

Purchase land at Marigold the and you can decide when to settle up until September 30 2024*. The choice is yours!

What does settlement mean?

If you’re new to the property market, you may be wondering, what is a settlement in real estate terms? The settlement of land refers to the official transfer of legal ownership, from the developer to you! 

So, how does this make your dream home a bit easier to attain? And how does delaying your settlement help your home-owning journey?  

With a delayed settlement, you can choose when you’d like to settle. They say time is money, and this incredible offer gives you time to sort out your finances and ensure that you’re in a comfortable position before starting your build. 

While property settlement often becomes long and complicated, at Marigold, you’re in the driver’s seat, so you can start the exciting journey of home ownership at your leisure! 

Talk about a win, win! 

Life at Marigold

Marigold offers a peaceful, serene lifestyle, with beautiful future wetlands on your doorstep! Realise the active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle you’ve been searching for, with walking trails, open spaces and recreational reserves all within arm’s reach. 

Offering premium land for sale in Tarneit, one of western Melbourne’s fastest-growing communities, there’s never been a better time to secure your place at Marigold!

Available land at Marigold in Tarneit is either titled or soon-to-be-titled meaning, you’re not only able to choose your settlement date, you’re also able to build on titled land! 

What is titled land?

So what is titled land? Simply put, titled land is a property with a clear and legal ownership title. When land is titled, it has been awarded a Certificate of Title from the Titles Office. This title is then registered with the Land Registry of Victoria, establishing the boundaries of the land and confirming that the land owner has exclusive rights to own, occupy and transfer the ownership of the property. 

Once your land has titled, you can commence your build straight away, which means less waiting around as well as getting into your dream home as soon as possible! 

With lots sized from 247m2 up to 690m2, and prices starting from $292,000, this is the perfect opportunity to buy land in Tarneit, a flourishing community with all of the amenities you need to live comfortably. 

To take advantage of this incredible offer, view land currently for sale at Marigold here.  

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*Offer valid on selected lots only.