Construction of Frog Way Park complete!

Construction of Marigold’s newest park in Stage 10 of the community, Frog Way Park, has recently been completed.

Featuring the signature curvilinear shared paths synonymous with Marigold’s main park, Frog Way Park is Gathering Grove’s smaller, but definitely not lesser, younger sibling.  Frog Way Park is the more passively centred park of the two, where residents can come to relax and enjoy a quiet moment sitting in the sun on one of the park benches, catching flies or utilising the large open-grassed area in the centre of the park for picnicking with family and friends.

The expansive grassed area will be a firm favourite amongst residents providing a multipurpose space for all to enjoy.

The final landscaping details were all completed this week including the extensive planting of varying tree varieties and small plants and the final rush of laying turf and raking mulch into place. The park will now undergo its own approval process with council whereby council and authority inspections will take place to sign off the constructed works before the park is awarded Statement of Compliance.

Once Frog Way Park has been given the green light from council and the governing authorities, we’ll be free to open the park to the public. Until that time, the temporary fencing will remain in place around the perimeter of the park.

We look forward to officially opening this new park for the Marigold community in Tarneit that will provide a hoppy space for all to enjoy.

Stay tuned for the official opening announcement coming soon!

Maintaining your Property

Growland encourages the regular maintenance of all properties within the community to improve the visual amenity of our Marigold community in Tarneit. Overgrown and neglected vacant lots are not only unsightly but can also attract pests like rats or snakes. As well as looking after the community we live in, maintenance of all properties reduces fire and health hazards and helps to ensure public safety.

Unfortunately, the dumping of rubbish and building materials is common in new communities under construction. Growland is aware of these instances throughout the Marigold community and does what it can to mitigate this illegal activity by installing signage and security cameras throughout the estate.

As the owner of your very own piece of the Marigold community, you can help prevent this unwanted behaviour by securing and maintaining your lot.

Please organise temporary fencing for your lot to prevent the dumping of rubbish as soon as possible upon settlement. It is a costly exercise, for you as the homeowner, if clearing is needed prior to the construction of your home.

Even if you are not planning on constructing your new home in the Marigold community straight away, it is still important to secure your property.

It is also your responsibility to maintain the vacant land to an appropriate standard. Vacant land is to be kept clear of any fire hazard, noxious weeds, box thorn plants, litter and rubbish, which could include concrete, dirt mounds, rocks and rubble.

Overgrown grass can be a fire hazard and must be maintained to a height of no more than 150mm all year round. Regular mowing or slashing is recommended.

We encourage vacant landowners to inspect your property regularly to ensure that these outcomes are achieved.

Wyndham City do undertake their own regular surveillance of new communities and will issue notices to any property that is deemed to not comply. You may also be issued an infringement notice if works are undertaken on your property on your behalf.

The above will help make Marigold a safer and more beautiful community for all to enjoy.

If you do see anyone illegally dumping within the Marigold community or any properties that are unkempt or pose a risk to public safety, please report the activity to Wyndham City Council Local Laws on (03) 9742 0777 you can also report the behaviour by visiting Wyndham’s online Customer Service Portal.