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Constructing your shared fence

Separating two pieces of land, a dividing or boundary fence is the joint property between the landowner and neighbour. The cost of building and repairing is shared equally between both parties.

If you are ready to construct your boundary fencing, you will need to get in contact with your neighbours (left, right and rear) before enlisting any contractors. Both neighbours who share the common boundary will need to agree to the costs to construct the new fence before any work is commenced.

To find out the contact details of your neighbours,  so you can begin discussions surrounding boundary fencing, please get in contact with the Wyndham council by following the directions at the link provided here.

Constructing a shared fence follows this general process:

1. Contact you local council (Wyndham – see link above) for your neighbours contact details

2. Obtain 3 quotes from separate contractors

3. Speak to your neighbour about the obtained quotes and allow your neighbour to source 3 of their own

If your neighbouring block is unsold and is still listed as the property of Growland, we recommend following these steps:

– Obtain 3 separate quotes

– Choose the best of 3

– Keep all 3 original quotes to present to your new neighbour when they eventually move in

– Present 3 quotes and their share of the invoice from your chosen contractor to your neighbour 

If you have any questions about the type of fencing or restrictions on the type of fencing allowed within the community, please refer to
the Design Guidelines here.

Please note: Growland is unable to provide any details to purchasers of adjoining lot owners.

If you would like more information on fencing law in Victoria, you can find that here.