Construction has Commenced on Marigold’s Stage 10 Park.

Growland is excited to announce that construction has commenced on our Stage 10 Park!

This new local park is positioned in the top north-eastern section of our community on the corner of Ulmus Street & Frog Way, aptly named Frog Way Park.

The new park will pay homage to the previously delivered Gathering Grove Park and reinforce the gentle, undulating forms of Marigold’s landscape by continuing the use of curvilinear shared paths around the perimeter and drawing on the use of large ornate boulders and logs to connect the green spaces. Frog Way Park has been designed as a more passively centred park where residents can come to relax and enjoy a quiet moment sitting in the sun on one of the park benches or utilise the large open-grassed area in the centre of the park for picnicking with family and friends.

The park will include feature platform seating, standard bench seating throughout, and a water fountain.

Frog Way Park will include some play equipment, directed towards our youngest residents, who can expect to be attracted to the wooden rockers and flower spinners that will add a burst of bright colour to the park.

Set out and site establishment are underway which involves establishing the building site with all of the correct health and safety measures in place.

Civil construction can then kick off with the next round of tasks including setting up temporary fencing and performing a general clean-up of the site before civil earthworks begin.

The above preliminary works are well underway, and our team are looking forward to commencing earthworks on the park in the new year.

We anticipate Frog Way Park to be open to the community in July next year.

We look forward to delivering this new park to the Marigold community that will provide a space for quiet reflection and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all residents. Marigold residents can expect to reap the rewards of being surrounded by ample green space, look forward to spending many hours outdoors and feel the benefits of an enhanced connection to nature. This is a space that all Marigold residents will be able to enjoy passively or actively.

Stay tuned for more construction updates coming soon!