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Why You Should Consider a House and Land Package

Is contemporary and modern your thing? Do you like your houses like new white shirts; crisp, white and clean? If having the flexibility to choose a floorplan to fit your specific needs and a community master planned for convenience and ease, then a house and land package at Marigold is a perfect fit for you.

What is a House and Land Package?
House and land packages (or H&L packages for those who enjoy an acronym) are  properties situated in land estates where developers buy land to create new communities, infrastructure and facilities. These new properties are sold off the plan with a range of customisable house designs.

There are several exciting advantages to choosing a house and land package, many of which streamline time, processes and increase livability and lower maintenance. 

T’s Crossed and I’s Dotted.
Modern life benefits from streamlining processes, and one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a home this way is that it simplifies the process of building a custom home. Taking the guesswork and time out of scouting for the perfect plot of land and a building contract to match. The ability to personalise your own home without the stresses of the unknown cannot be underestimated. Marigold’s one-step process makes this even easier.

Let’s Talk Money.
Prices are upfront and clear, which is great if you have pre-approval, you can save thousands purchasing this way. Often discounts are offered, such as the Marigold Difference – Teaming up with 6 of Victoria’s most trusted builders has allowed Marigold to offer wholesale prices. Including up to $40k* of incentives, savings and grants – and if you’re a First Home Buyer, congrats, you could be saving close to $60k! So sit back, relax, and know you’re getting the savings and dream home you deserve.

Go Green.
Most buyers are becoming more eco-friendly and new homes are following suit, modern house builds are more likely to be energy efficient and have appropriate solar orientation, that is; the positioning of your house relative to seasonal variations in the sun’s path as well as prevailing wind patterns. Clever orientation,  such as this, can make your home much cheaper to run. 

Quality Assurance.
New homes generally require less maintenance, often the building, fixings and fittings will come with a builder’s guarantee and if you choose a reputable builder, you may not need to do repairs for years. Marigold offers you a range of reputable builders; Metricon, Simonds and New Shop, to name a few.

Amenities Abound.
Many master planned estates, such as Marigold, include new facilities such as schools, medical centres and shopping areas resulting in a low maintenance and laid back lifestyle where amenities are within walking distance. Being part of a new community offers the chance to play a vital part in building the DNA of the community, investing in how it is formed to shape yours and your family’s future. 

At One With Nature.
Modern estates place importance on green spaces, parks, dedicated footpaths and even the conservation of local features and heritage, Marigold has worked hard to retain this link, conserving dry stone walls and Dry Creek, a natural water feature that winds through Marigold Estate, giving the estate a depth of history and connection to the land on which it is built.

Growland have aimed to strike a balance between living nestled in nature whilst having close and easy access to modern facilities and the city. They have achieved this in the careful planning and creation of green spaces that make up Marigold Estate. So why not get in contact and let Marigold build your forever home. 

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