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Earthworks on Marigold Wetlands

Construction on the Entry Wetlands & Skeleton Creek have begun!

Marigold is a unique community with almost one quarter (over 14 hectares) of the community’s gentle, undulating landscape exclusively reserved for natural open space. No matter where our fortunate residents are within the neighbourhood, they will never be more than a few footsteps from a park, playground, sporting ground or wetland.

Meandering through the centre of the Marigold community is the Linear Creek Reserve. Starting in the south easterly corner of the community and opening into an expansive wetland area and Skeleton Creek before continuing on to the top north westerly corner of the community and culminating in the northern wetland reserve.

Construction has commenced on the wetlands in the south easterly corner of the community and our Stage 9 residents will have a beautiful outlook across this reserve once completed.

Artist Impression of outlook across creek reserve

The wetlands are set to become a visual and attractive feature of the community but also serve a practical function by capturing and cleaning the storm water run-off from the community.

Our construction team are busy completing the earthworks on this area which involves shaping the land to create the correct depths to capture, control and filter the water as efficiently as possible.

Earthworks on Marigold Wetlands

The wetlands also increase and replace habitat for native flora and fauna that has previously been lost to encourage a healthier environment for all. It is important to acknowledge the reduction in habitat for water fowl in Victoria’s west at the moment, and as such the importance of these waterway spaces are becoming ever more critical for the health and benefit of our water quality and ecosystems as a whole.

The selected plants that will be included in the wetland and surround the immediate area of the reserve, also play a role in the removing of sediment and filtering the water to improve the ecosystem.

The Wetlands and Skeleton Creek Reserve will be significant open space for the community to both actively and passively engage with.

These wetlands incorporate pedestrian connectivity and promote walkability and activity through the community, using a mix of shared pedestrian and cycle paths to provide different experiences and use. Pockets of open, unstructured space are provided for picnic areas and visual benefit as well as to contrast the highly vegetated water treatment zones. The community of Marigold will be able to go for long relaxing walks through gentle landscapes, pause to observe water birds frolic or listen to the chirp of frogs and experience and enhanced connection to the environment.

Completion of the Stage 9 Wetlands reserve is expected in Quarter 2 2023 and we look forward to the community enjoying this unique aspect of open space provided at Marigold.

Stay tuned for more updates!